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Mont Ripley Trail Map - Larger Version Copper Hoist Chair Lift: Newly-built in 2007 Husky Chair Lift Husky Chair Lift Highway M-26 Racer's Ridge: Superb pitch and flow make this the best race run for speed events in the Midwest. Trestle:  This run is as steep as it gets.  It is part of an old railroad grade where they dumped rock to fill in a gully.  Never groomed, it funnels into a run out that comes out at the base of Cannonball. Budda Bowl:  This steep tree run has tight lines down a snow filled gully or lines on its sides.  Stay left at the bottom to intersect with the run out from Trestle. Cannonball:  Carry some speed to get there because Cannonball goes up before it goes down.  A great place to blast drifts down to the Trestle run out. Big Air Terrain Park:  Giant table top jumps for the most extreme air on the mountain. Danny Boy:  Named after Dan Lorenzetti, a local businessman who has been instrumental in the recent growth of Mont Ripley.  Rip down from the top to a run out in the middle, and then choose a wide valley that passes under the chair or rolling terrain on the left to the bottom. The Ripley Triangle:  A wide open face with a sustained pitch ending with a compression.  A great cruiser. Husky Chair Lift Husky Bowl:  A test of the true expert if you can make fall line turns here in all conditions while being watched by chair lift riders. The Chute:  A steep shot with snow pipe-like sides. Fredís Landing:  Named after long time hill manager and varsity ski coach, Fred Lonsdorf, and because the lowest part of the run once was the landing for a giant ski flying jump in the 30ís and 40ís. Center Bowl:  The easiest way down from the chair lift.  Very wide at the top.  Drops into beginning terrain after the face at the top. That Road:  The easiest way down from the top of the T-bar.  A short face after this run and you are on beginning terrain again. Certified:  Very steep and narrow.  This one borders on double black diamond. Sweet Spot:  A natural hip jump made much bigger by snowmaking and grooming.  The first big hit for the Rhythm Terrain Park. Bypass:  A return to the chair lift. Toots Tumble:  Named after the nickname for Michigan Tech students.  One of the longest beginning hills in the Midwest. T-Bar Lift Monster Ridge:  Shortly after the snow tunnel on Wipeout is a short climb up to a bunch of cutout “monsters” on this trail. Highway M-26 Copper Hoist Chair Lift: Newly-built in 2007 Wipeout:  Lives up to its name.  Site of the bordercross and skiercross course. Bonzai:  The steepest slope on the East Side.  Attack when you are ready! The Plunge:  Used to be named Portage Plunge because when you were going down it you thought you would not stop until you hit the lake.  Contains lots of interesting side hills. Lookout:  Right at its steepest point this one makes you take a tight right to stay on the main trail.  Stay left at the curve for a wide open glade run. Powderstash Glades:  Take Lookout to access hardwood glades dropping into Powderstash.  Great skiing in the trees. Powderstash:  One of the best powder caches on the mountain because the prevailing west winds blow in tons of snow.   It is a narrow ravine between two ridges. Deer Track Trail:  Named after a deer trail that followed the ridge before it was bulldozed to make it a run.  The longest run on the hill.  Ripley Falls is on the left, half way down. It is a short walk into the woods.  Best time to check out the falls is during spring runoff. Ski Chalet Rhythm Terrain Park:  Two rows of table top jumps with many hits in a row.  One row of smaller jumps for those learning how to do freestyle tricks, and one row of big jumps for accomplished flyers. Copper Chute Glade is a true chute with lots of big pines and hardwoods to ski through. The concave chute is a natural powder stash that will have deeper snow than most spots on powder days.